play hackday

The play hackday was a single day workshop making improvisational interfaces. 15 people, 3 Raspberry Pis, 2 Bela boards, one AxiDraw, a bunch of ICubeX PiShields and sensors and a shelf full of LittleBits! The result was 5 very different improvisational interfaces.

  • the SoundPit. An audio generation interface for multiple people. Depth scanning from above of a sand-pit made for a playful sound interface.
  • Squidgy Orchestra. A smorgasbord of squidgy rubbery music controllers
  • AxiDraw audio visualiser. Seismograph style realtime waveform visualiser. Not really an improvisational interface, but definitely encouraged playful interaction (read clapping and screaming and banging of tables)
  • Wounded Robot Painter. An ensemble of Little Bits plugged together in ways never intended, resulting in an erratically moving pen. Again not really an improvisational interface, but quite fascinating to watch.
  • VJ pedal. A live improvisation between (human driven) VJ software and a Deep-Learning generative percussion algorithm, all driven by a human using a kick drum pedal.