Improvisational Creativity Workshop
in Prato, Tuscany, Italy
19-21 July 2017
Jon McCormack
Shelly Knotts
Toby Gifford

The International Workshop on Improvisational Creativity will bring together leading experts and emerging researchers working across the technical, creative and critical aspects of improvisation with computer systems. The workshop will investigate how digital technologies and artificial intelligence can support and enhance human creativity. With a specific focus on improvisation, the aim is to foster new research collaborations and advance the state-of-the-art in this emerging field. We encourage PhD students, emerging and established researchers to participate in this inaugural event. The workshop will include paper presentations, hands-on development of improvisational interfaces, tutorials, and a performance evening.

Participants can submit a paper which will be peer reviewed and published in the workshop proceedings. Short (2 pages) and long (6 pages) papers are welcome. As part of the workshop we will assist authors in further developing their paper with the aim of selecting the best papers for an edited collection. Proposals for the performance evening are also welcome.

In this workshop we’ll consider improvisation in different areas of creative practice: music, visual art, writing and performance. Improvisation is one of the most demanding yet rewarding creative acts. It has been well studied in situations where individuals interact with tools, or in human groups. Recently however, the idea of computer systems being valuable creative partners has begin to gain acceptance and this is now an active research area in AI. But how do we effectively improvise with “intelligent” or “creative” machines? What are the creative and artistic challenges in building computational improvisational partners? How does the psychology of improvisation change when machines become part of an improvisational group?

Workshop Aims

  • Bring together researchers, theorists, practicing artists, musicians and performers to advance the state-of-the-art in interactive improvisation with computational systems;
  • Disseminate knowledge (both practical and theoretical) on how to build improvisational creative assistants that creative practitioners want to engage with;
  • Advance the research agenda in improvisational creativity;
  • Build and experiment with new forms of improvisational interfaces;
  • Develop a collection of high-quality papers for a publication as an edited collection.

Workshop Topics and Themes

  • Designing and building new improvisational interfaces
  • Psychology of human-machine inprovisation
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for improvisational creativity
  • Critical theories of human-machine improvisation
  • Reflective, reactive and interactive interfaces
  • Computational creativity for improvisation
  • Evaluation
  • Algorithms for improvisation
  • Knowledge discovery and representation for improvisation
  • Embodied and situated cognition
  • Experience modelling in AI systems

Registration and Cost

Registration for the workshop will be €200 standard, €100 concession (before 30th June – late registration is €400 standard, €200 concession). This covers attendance and materials, morning and afternoon tea. Lunch and dinner are not catered, however there are many restaurants close-by that cater to all budgets. Note that in order to keep registration costs as low as possible the workshop is not able to provide travel assistance.

Please direct general queries to Toby Gifford at Monash University via this form

To participate in the workshop please register by 30th June 2017.